1st MEME Nft @ the RADIX Universe

These are the first MEME Nfts in the Radix Universe. The turds are funny and have nonsense for everyone. Born to entertain mankind. Trying to take the turds seriously makes even the most dogged soul weak. They love attention and are looking for a new home with someone who really cares about them. There are 10,000 of us trapped in the conduits of data junk.

"We want to get out of here"

Every day we fight to survive, look up to Dan the Great, who promised us if we live a true life, we too will one day be in the Radix Wallet.

How is one turd different from other?

24 exclusive add-ons and 10 different mouth parts were designed. These can all be combined with each other. Every turd is unique. But that’s not all. there are over 90+ different background colours and 3 background types.

Very rare backgrounds, bodies and mouths are not yet mentioned.
The collection includes some really rare combinations.


What are we made of?


We are composed of nine layers. In combination with each other a Turd is created. Here on the picture is an example of which layers a turd is composed of. All layers were created manually in the image editing program Gimp. 


How can I reserve a Turd ?

A total of 10000 turds are free to reserve. At the beginning 100 were reserved for giveaways. In total, 9900 are free to make reservations. Until Babylon is published, it is only possible to reserve an NFT picture with your address. that means you will get a poop token back after you have sent your xrd to the address. you receive one token per NFT. The reservation is random.

If you want to Reserve one NFT, send 20 XRD to the Reservation Address. If you want to Reserve more than one NFT please make sure to send the right Amount of XRD. For Example: 2x PooP = 40 XRD, 3x PooP = 60 XRD and so on.

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